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International Clinical Research Professional Certification, Designated Seminars

About the International Clinical Research Professional Certification, Designated Seminars

In order to apply for iCRP certification, it is necessary to attend one or more designated seminars within two years from the start of training.

FY 2023 Seminar Implementation overview

※This lecture will be in Japanese only.
※English speakers who wish to receive iCRP certification can obtain a certificate of attendance by attending the 2022 course.

①Regarding permission and classification of medical device manufacturing under Japan's Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law
②Medical device regulatory requirements in the ASEAN region and their current status

Speaker:HIJII KAZUYA(mkDUO LLC representative)

FY 2023 Seminar Schedule

【On-site (in-person)】

Conducted at the Global Health Joint Conference 2023.
Date: November 25, 2023 (Saturday) 11:00-12:00
Venue: University of Tokyo Hongo Campus
Participation fee:
(Pre-registration) 10,000 yen for menber, 15,000 yen for non-menber,
                         2,000 yen for student member, 3,000 yen for student non-member
(Onsite-registration) 15,000 yen for menber, 17,000 yen for non-menber,
                         3,000 yen for student member, 4,000 yen for student non-member

■How to attend on-site

1. Register for the Global Health Joint Conference 2023 and transfer the participation fee.
  (Advance registration deadline: 11/17; subsequently, participation will be considered at-the-door registration.)
   Please use the link below to register for the conference.

 Website of the Global Health Joint Conference 2023

②Participate in academic meetings and attend seminars.

③Keep the conference participation certificate as proof of attendance.


Attend online seminars on the website.

Course fee: 10,000 yen

■How to attend online

①Apply for the seminar on the application webpage.

②Pay the seminar fees.

③After confirming the payment of the tuition fee, we will inform you of the ID and password by e-mail.

④Take the seminar on the webpage.(Around November 30th)

⑤Download the certificate of attendance.

■How to pay course fees

●Payment in Japan: Please transfer to the following account.

・Transfer account
 Account name (Kanji): 一般社団法人 国際臨床医学会
 Account name (Kana): イッパンシャダンホウジン コクサイリンショウイガクカイ
 Account number: 三井住友銀行 大阪本店営業部 (Branch number: 101)
             普通 8356120

●Payment from overseas: Please pay by credit card.

Credit payment webpage link