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[Matters to be consented to]Participation requires agreement to the following terms.

・オンライン講習会における講義・演習及び使用する教材又は動画の全部又は一部について、録画、録音、撮影、送信、複製、改変、転載又は SNS への投稿、その他これに準ずる行為を行うことを禁止します。


・Management may record and redistribute the content of lectures. Participant questions and lectures will thus be recorded and redistributed.
・Audio or video recording, photographing, transmitting, duplicating, altering, reprinting, or posting to SNS all or part of lectures, exercises, and teaching materials or videos used in online seminars is prohibited.
・Disclosing, divulging or illegally using third party information about other students or instructors that has been gained from online training courses, handout materials, or examples used in the online training course is prohibited.
・Allowing someone other than the applicant to take the course (via impersonation, multiple individuals, etc.), or taking the course without permission is prohibited.