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[Matters to be consented to]Participation requires agreement to the following terms.

・動画の全部又は一部を、録画、録音、撮影、送信、複製、改変、転載又は SNS への投稿、その他これに準ずる行為を行うことを禁止します。


・It is prohibited to record, record, shoot, transmit, duplicate, alter, reprint, post on SNS, or perform any other similar actions, all or part of the video.
・It is prohibited to disclose, leak, or illegally use all or part of the video to a third party.
・Allowing someone other than the applicant to watch (spoofing, multiple people, etc.) and taking the course without permission is prohibited.
・This video content is for viewing only to introduce the achievements, and even if you watch it, it does not mean that you have received training, and no certificate will be issued.